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Jemimah completed a combined music degree in 2017

and has over 19 years of singing experience. Jemimah has been teaching for over 7 years, with a whole range of requests and genres accounted for in her lessons.

Jemimah's singing lessons are tailored to the students' particular interests and needs. Jemimah is passionate about ensuring that her students always enhance their knowledge of good singing technique, the science of the voice and encouraging students in with self confidence.

Lessons, when in person, are based in West London.

Jemimah can also teach lessons online upon request.

Jemimah is a qualified vocal health first aider.


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Jemimah has been an excellent voice coach. She has a wonderful way of challenging me to be conscious of my breathing and consider how that effects the quality of my voice. Through the lessons with Jemimah, I now have a bank of go-to exercises to prepare me for singing (or even speaking) in public.


I’ve been having singing lessons with Jemimah for a couple months now and honestly I wish I’d done it sooner!! I have had a few singing teachers in the past , but honestly Jemimah is a cut above the rest. In the last few months I’ve seen more improvement in my voice than a over a year of singing lessons with my previous teacher. She not only drastically improved my technique, but provided me with tools I can improve my voice with independently! Couldn’t recommend Jemimah enough, her knowledge, skills and patience are truly making real difference to my voice!


I used to have a fear of singing and have never sung in front of anyone in my life. Jemimah has been an excellent teacher and has helped me grow in technique and confidence. I never felt judged for my voice and very quickly became comfortable in lessons. Within 4 months of my first lesson I had grown enough to get behind a mic and sing in front of others!


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