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"An enjoyable first taste of this talented young lady. We wait with baited breath, for what comes next."  NFN Review Zone, 2021


"Through her music, she seeks to inspire courageous joy and freedom through deep-reaching lyrics that you’ll find yourself soon humming along to." Gospel Hydration, 2021

Check out some of Jemimah's released videos below.

Check out some of Jemimah's released videos below.

Jemimah has also worked on a number of projects

with well-known artists and events such as:

Spring Harvest

David's Tent

Creation Fest

LifeStream Europe

Geraldine and Carey Luce

Jeremy Perigo

Steve Thompson

James Bourne (Busted)

Sam Morris (Fickle Friends)

UK National Television Awards 2020

Feranmi Ogunseyinde

David Gest

Graham Kendrick

Fabio D'Andrea


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