Jemimah is a classically-trained singer/songwriter, voice teacher, vocalist and worship leader in London. Her music is innovative and creative, covering a wide range of genres including neo-soul, jazz, contemporary and pop. It seeks to inspire courageous joy and freedom through deep-reaching lyrics that are sure to have you singing along.

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 ‘I am so excited to raise funds towards recording a live worship album consisting of 10 songs in November this year! My heart is to write songs that reflect the Gospel and act as a vessel through which people can encounter heaven and move from the knowledge of God in their heads to a relationship with Him in their hearts. I have an online shop to go towards the raising of the funds, please do check it out to see what is on offer! The money raised will fund all parts of the album, for example; co-writing, production, mixing, mastering, artwork, promo, building and equipment hire, merchandise and musicians.’

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